Well it’s January and in Minnesota that means it’s cold and gross. I don’t think we got above 15° yesterday, but hey at least it’s above zero. I felt like I needed a few days to get out in the sun and to warmer weather. I’m not a gambler or much of a going out partying kind of person. The most logical choice for a long weekend for me is Vegas, right?

I landed in Las Vegas a little bit before noon and got a Lyft to the Hollywood Car Museum. It was ok. Not exactly worth the $20 to get in. They had a couple of batmobiles, the car from Beverley Hillbillies, General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, a few Liberace cars, and my favorite, the DeLorean from one of my favorite film trilogies Back to the Future. Honestly I’d say skip it, unless you’re a massive movie/car fan.

I then went to the Cosmopolitan on the strip because they have a Hattie B’s! If you’ve read about my road trip you’d know that in May of last year I was in Nashville and fell in love with hot chicken. When I found out there was a Hattie B’s in Vegas I knew I couldn’t miss it! I walked through the super glitzy lobby and casino and found my way to the escalator. Pretty much all the restaurants are on the second floor. I got my hot chicken, southern greens, and potato salad and dug in. It was just as good as it was in Nashville, and I was overjoyed to be able to have Nashville hot chicken again!

I got a Lyft to my Airbnb and took a nap because the show I was seeing wasn’t until 8pm, but with the time zone change it was 10pm to me. I got ready for the show after my nap and got a Lyft to Caesar’s Palace. I had about an hour to get something to eat before the show so I went across the street near the Linq and got something to eat at In-N-Out Burger. We don’t have them back home in Minnesota so I figured I’d try it. I mean it was a burger nothing special.

I picked up my ticket at will call and headed over to the Spiegel Tent to see Absinthe. I was shown to my seat and was asked if since I was on my own if they had a better seat if I would want to move. Of course I said yes to that! A little bit later Fabian one of the managers came over and said he had a table for me. So, thank you very much to Sarah for asking if I’d like a better seat, and thank you Fabian for making it happen!

The show was absolutely fantastic! The acrobats and dancers were amazingly talented, the jokes were so good I was crying from laughing so hard, and I could not have imagined anything better. The jokes were super raunchy and as far from politically correct as possible, so if you’re easily offended maybe don’t see Absinthe. For me though it was worth every penny and then some! I would definitely see the show again. After the show I decided to call it a night and got a Lyft back to my Airbnb.

Day 2

I was up early and hadn’t really slept well last night. I got ready and got a Lyft to downtown. First was a quick breakfast at AmeriBrunch Cafe near Fremont Street. Nothing special, eggs bacon, sausage, and potatoes.

I then walked through the Fremont Street Experience to the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, better know as the Mob Museum. It was a little on the expensive side, but so worth it. The museum walks you through the history of organized crime in the US, how the mob came about and the influence of the mob on Vegas. They have quite a bit on the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre that happened in Chicago in 1929. They have a few Tommy Guns and Al Capone’s revolver. The first floor is about how they eventually caught some of the big name mobsters from the 40s and 50s and what organized crime is like today.

I added on the speak easy tour as well. They make their own moonshine there. As part of the speak easy tour you get to sample some of the moonshine they make. They also talk about how it’s made and the influence the mob had on prohibition and how they worked with bootleggers and rumrunners. They also talk about how moonshine is made. Of the four samples we got to try the moonshine straight from the still was probably my favorite. I ended up spending a little more than two hours at the Mob Museum, and I feel like the museum was more than worth the price of admission.

The Mob Museum isn’t far from Fremont Street so that’s where I headed next! The people watching on Fremont is pretty fantastic, and mildly terrifying. I wander around for a bit looking for the Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum. Once I found it I spent about an hour working my way through looking at every. In the museum shop I found a vintage brooch with a real spider in it. Even though I’m not a fan of spiders I had to have it!

It was getting close to two in the afternoon, and it was time for my afternoon coffee so I went to the Four Queens casino and went to the little cafe they have. I got myself a coffee and a brownie sundae because I couldn’t help myself. I sat for a while and read my book while I watched people gamble, because that’s what people do in Vegas, right?

I walked back Fremont towards downtown and the container park. The container park is a bunch of metal shipping containers that have been put together to create a small shopping area. I walked through a few of the shops before heading back to downtown to get some dinner at The Smashed Pig. I had fish and chips and half a pint of a local stout. I got a Lyft back to my Airbnb and decided to call it a night.