I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this there’s a good chance your planning a trip or at least thinking about it. Here are my “do”s and “don’t”s, hints and tips for Stockholm on a budget.

Where to Stay:

Stay at a hostel instead of a hotel, but avoid the ones in and near Gamla Stan they’re more expensive. Stay a little further from city center. I stayed at City BackPackers hostel about half a kilometer away from Stockholm Central Station and paid about $40 a night including buying my breakfast from them. I highly recommend staying with them, but book well in advance if you plan to be there in the summer. I booked mid April for staying there in mid June.
Getting Around and  Sight Seeing:
If you plan to go to a lot of museums, which you should, I’d recommend you order a Stockholm Card they offer 1, 3, and 5 day options. With the Stockholm Card you get to use all public transportation in the city, entrance to more than 70 museums and attractions. You get a discount on a few guided tours and the ferry out to Drottningholm Palace.
In terms of food take advantage of breakfast where your staying. If you’re staying in a hostel there will more than likely be a kitchen I recommend you take advantage of that as well. I bought sandwich stuff and apples for lunches every day I was in Stockholm because eating out (along with everything else) is expensive in Stockholm. I went out for dinner about half of the nights and the others I cooked at my hostel. Be prepared to spend $15-$25 US for a good meal.
Top 5 Must See/Do:
– Drottningholm Palace:
Absolutely breathtaking! Both the palace and the grounds. Similar style to the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris, but still very, very Swedish. Spend sometime wandering to gardens and the park behind the palace.
– The Royal Opera House:
 It’s fantasticly beautiful. Stone and sculptures everywhere in the grand entrance. I highly recommend you do the tour. Depending on what shows are happening you may get the chance to go backstage or even on stage. You get to see a lot of the behind the scenes things and learn a lot about the history of the preforming arts in Stockholm. If you’re really lucky you may even get a mini ballet lesson from your tour guide.
– Gamla Stan Tour:
The tour that you get with the Stockholm Card is fantastic you get to see a lot of things you probably wouldn’t find on your own and learn a lot of the history about the old town. For example why the palace that was supposed to take 6 years to build took nearly ten times as long.
– Nordiska Museum:
All kinds of history in here be ready to spend a couple of hours wandering around and get the audio guide. See everything from an early 1700s doll house and textiles from every corner of Sweden to Swedish fashion through the ages and all kinds of folk are.
– Swedish History Museum:
Fantastic exhibit about the vikings as well as the history of Sweden from 1100ad to present day. You can also watch restoration work being done on some of the wooden sculptures and triptychs.
Skip it:
– Subway System: unless it’s raining or you have a very long way to go I wouldn’t bother. The city is super pedestrian friendly and you miss seeing the city if you’re under ground. They can be a little confusing too. Upside, they are very clean unlike Paris.
– Medieval Museum of Stockholm: They found a small portion Of the foundation of Stockholms original ring wall burried when they were going to build underground parking and scraped together a museum around it.
If you have any questions about what I did, where I ate, or other questions about Stockholm feel free to leave a comment.